Relaxation Lounge for Deep Relaxation, Anxiety and Stress Relief and Improved Emotional, Mental and Physical Health and Healing

Deep Relaxation, Health and Healing with Relaxation Music, the Relaxation Lounge and Vibroacoustic Therapy

"In my personal experience as a counselor, I am constantly reminded the importance of continued self-care to avoid burnout.  It is essential that I find new ways to achieve a state of relaxation if I am to perform effectively, not only as a counselor, but in all areas of my life.  My ability to relax falls in line with my ability to give every moment the attention it deserves, especially when I am working with another individual.  The serenity lounge keeps me centered.  The vibro-acoustic technology is vitalizing to say the least.  The lounge has provided me with a set of relaxation skills that I am able to take with me and utilize at my own discretion.  I have been a satisfied customer of the lounge for 5 years and each experience has only proven to be more beneficial than the first."    Andrew    

"When I use the serenity lounge, I've noticed that no matter what I'm going through in my life, it calms me down and brings me to a state of peace. Its almost like I'm entering into a different dimension, almost as if I were dreaming but still awake. Bottom line is that the serenity lounge is amazing. Im personally proned to anxiety, and am constantly stressing myself out over the little things in life. The serenity lounge is the one thing that can always calm the storm in my mind. I highly recommend it to anyone who has similar struggles like myself."    Catherine.  

             Vibroacoustic Therapy

The Relaxation Lounge will relax you immediately, reduce your anxiety and stress and help you to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

Want to learn how to relax and be stress free?  Want to learn how to relax naturally, without the use of medications?  The Relaxation Lounge and Vibroacoustic Therapy offered by Enhanced Healing will help you relax deeply and naturally using healing vibrations and the power of relaxation music!  

Music has been used for many centuries to promote a sense of health, wellness and wellbeing. Music has been proven to be a very powerful alternative therapy for changing thinking, feelings, ones emotional state, behavior and even an individual's life. Music has the capacity to help a person experience deep relaxation and serenity, reduce the experience and effects of anxiety and stress, promote a peaceful, restful sleep and even begin to generate physical healing.

The Relaxation Lounge is a non-medical sound and vibration system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body through relaxing music.  Through the Relaxation Lounge this type of therapy delivers "natural frequencies" in a passive and non-invasive process to the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing these cells in our body and brain through entrainment.

Research is proving that frequency therapy can be an effective & safe way to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and the effects of health problems such as addiction, depression, as well as many other mental and psychological disorders.  The more relaxed the body and mind are the more effective a person will be at resolving and repairing problems.

The relaxation music used on the Relaxation Lounge has been uniquely designed by Dr. Harry Henshaw to ensure that a person will experience a state of deep relaxation and ease.  The music has two components to assist an individual in experiencing deep relaxation, in obtaining anxiety and stress relief. The first component of the the music is that it is harmonically slow, repetitious, rhythmically random in its tempo to ensure a deep state of relaxation.  

The second component of the relaxation music is that it uses binaural audio tones or binaural beats that are inter women into the very structure of the music.  The binaural beats or tones, through a process referred to as 'entrainment" or "frequency following" gently guides or directs the mind/body to generate more of the targeted frequency of brain wave activity to create a profound state of relaxation.  Combined with the vibroacoustic relaxation lounge Dr. Henshaw's relaxation music will relax you immediately, reduce your anxiety and stress and also begin to improve your health.

The Relaxation Lounge is excellent for holistic healing centers or spas or any program that wants to help people to relax, reduce stress and begin to improve their overall health.  Many treatment programs for drug and alcohol dependency are now using the Relaxation Lounge with their clients and patients.  Click Here to Listen to the music used in the Relaxation Lounge: Relaxation Music

For more information about the Relaxation Lounge and Vibroacoustic Therapy please call Vanessa today at 786-457-1996! 

Relaxing Music - A Real Solution for Your Anxiety and Stress Relief

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Relaxation Music.

"Dear Dr. Harry, I can't thank you enough for your Relaxation Music. I find myself playing the music for many different circumstances during the day. I play it when I feel stressed. I play it to keep calm, and I have it on my iPod to help me fall asleep when I have trouble sleeping.  Sometimes I just have it playing in the background when I am on the computer. I can't thank you enough. I have shared it with friends, and they love it also. A devoted fan, Linda"

                       Relaxing Music, Relaxation Music, Subscription Music

Whether you have had a stressful day, difficulty sleeping or have ongoing anxiety and stress, you can relax immediately with my high quality MP3 download recordings of relaxing music. Each mp3 download of relaxing music will help you to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your health. My relaxation music has been proven effective and comes with a full money back guarantee.  All of the relaxation music also utlizes binaural beasts or binaural audio tones for further enhancing your relaxation experience, for your anxiety and stress relief and also for improving your health.  My relaxation music is excellent meditation music.  Click on the pictures below to listen to recordings of my relaxation music.

Relaxing Music Harmony       Relaxation Music Enlightenment       Relaxing Music Fantasia

Relaxation Music Clarity       Relaxing Music Healing Vibrations       Relaxing Music Equilibrium

Inner Reflection, Relaxing Music       Inner Peace, Relaxing Music       Inspiration, Relaxing Music


Relax and Sleep Soundly at Night with Sleep Music.

"I found your website by googling sleep music. I downloaded it for my son (who is 10 and suffers from anxiety). It has been really beneficial and most nights now he asks for me to put it on. Thanks so much for a fantastic product so well priced." Kind regard, Shelley"

If you are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep due to stress or anxiety, or suffer from insomnia, listening to my relaxing music for sleep will help you to relax, relieve stress, fall asleep, stay asleep and have a peaceful, sound sleep all night.  My sleep music is also combined with the healing sounds of nature, the ocean, rain, forest and a stream.  Click on the pictures below to listen to my sleep music recordings

 Gentle Dreams, Relaxing Music       Insomnia, Relaxing Music       Gentle Dreams, Relaxing Music 

Positive Affirmations & Relaxing Music for Confidence & Self Esteem

Relax Now and Sleep Soundly at Night with Positive Affirmations and Relaxing Music

"If you are looking for quality relaxation music tracks with accompanying positive affirmations or hypnosis or both, look no farther than Dr. Harry Henshaw's products. Dr. Henshaw gets it; his music is ideal for maintaining a meditative state and when combined with his even, soothing, assuring voice you could not ask for better nutrition for the subconscious mind. Turn off the television and take a break from the daily news, sit back and give a selection a try, you will not be disappointed. John W"

Change your thinking and you will change your life.  If you want a future filled with prosperity, abundance, healthy relationships, confidence, self esteem, relaxation, sound sleeping and happiness and free of addiction, resentment, anger, high blood pressure, take charge with these highly targeted MP3 download recordings of positive affirmations. Each positive affirmation recording is combined with Dr. Henshaw's relaxation music.  Consistent use of the positive affirmation recordings will change your life.  Click on the pictures below to listen to my positive affirmations recordings.

                      Relaxation, Positive Affirmations                                      Sleep, Positive Affirmations                                               

Improve Confidence and Self Esteem
with Positive Affirmations

Inner Transformation, Positive Affirmations       Self Esteem, Positive Affirmations       Confidence, Positive Affirmations 
Prosperity, Positive Affirmations         My Future, Positive Affirmations          Self Love, Positive Affirmations

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: When you buy any of my relaxation music, relaxing music, sleep music, positive affirmations or hypnotherapy or hypnosis mp3 download recordings your satisfaction is always guaranteed with my risk free, full money back guarantee.

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