Katie: "When I first met Harry and Vanessa I felt instant relief and fully supported. I was able to trust them at a time when I was unable to trust myself. During my first session with Harry he said to me that the power was always mine, the choice was always mine, and that I simply didn’t love myself. It was very hard to hear but it was easy for me to believe. He introduced the work of Louise Hay as the foundation of this program and my life, my path, and the way I think about myself have changed completely. Enhanced Healing and their methods and tools, have forever impacted my life. ...."


Caroline: My name is Caroline. My journey began at Enhanced Healing when I was about a month sober from drugs and alcohol. I was apprehensive about doing intensive out patient, because my previous experiences were, well, the typical clinical program of one on one therapy, finding my triggers, looking at family patterns etc. However, after one day at Enhanced Healing I knew they were doing something very different than the rest.

Dr.Harry talked about the power of positivity, and focused on the fact that the center of my issues were my own thinking, and every external factor was a direct result of my skewed perception. We focused on the power of choice. I studied the works of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. I kept my mind open , and although at first reluctant, succumbed to the idea that I was in control of my own reality. We watched inspirational and mind-opening films, including The Secret and The Peaceful Warrior. I took notes. I learned to be kind to myself, so that one day I could learn to love myself. I did positive affirmations in the mirror.

What happened during this time at Enhanced, was nothing short of a miraculous internal transformation. I went from a victim, poor me mindset, to an unstoppable force of healing and self-love. This is because I chose to take the suggestions that were given to me and put them to practical use. I believe the work at Enhanced, in combination with a 12 step program, can make any one person feel empowered and whole again, if they so choose.

Fast forward, and I am continuing to expand my knowledge and understanding of reality every day. My spiritual life has unfolded in such a way that it is beyond what can be written through words. I have attracted so much more than internal healing- physical things as well. I got great jobs, formed amazing relationships; I built my life from the ground up. My work an Enhanced was but a beginning, a perspective change. Without it, I would have no idea who I would be today, but I am grateful that my path led me there.

I am grateful beyond words for Dr. Harry Henshaw and Vanessa. They are my family away from home, and I would absolutely put my hand over the fire for them. What they are doing is outside-the-box, innovative and forward thinking. I wish that every suffering soul could have the opportunity to meet and work with them, so they too could learn what is available to everyone if they could open their eyes.


Lisa: Dr. Harry Henshaw and Vanessa Van Dyne, Enhanced Healing Wellness Center are doing the "right things" to help people heal and overcome their past traumas which most likely lead them down the road of addiction and alcoholism as a way to numb out from their pain and suffering. Dr. Harry's work was instrumental for me in changing the direction of my life when I was broken and lost from dealing with some difficult life adversities. Today I have almost 11 years clean and sober from grasping his suggestions and applying them to my life. You can read through his posts and see the effort and knowledge he has to offer anyone seeking help to change the direction of their lives. Set an intention to start your healing path today and follow through with it. There are plenty of "Good Humans" you can surround yourself with to support, encourage, and motivate you on this journey. You deserve a good life, you deserve love and belonging, and you are worth it.


Johana: On May 15, 2017 I walked into the office of Dr. Harry Henshaw, Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. Desperately searching  for help once again with the hope that this time will be different. Our meeting was brief. I immediately signed on to the program he suggested. I had no idea that this time was going to be different. I am embarked on a six month intensive outpatient program attending Monday through Friday three days a week of group therapy for three hours a day followed by yoga and acupuncture. Two days a week a private session with Dr. Harry Henshaw.  I had never experienced group therapy before. However, I would like to share that that is where I found comfort, understanding, and I learned if I look at myself and what it is that I’m contributing to the situation I will find peace love and harmony in my life. One on one therapy with Dr. Henshaw was amazing as he focused on the works of Louise Hay which have been instrumental in my recovery along with the alcoholics anonymous program. I am now a recovered alcoholic and addict. I will be celebrating two years of sobriety on May 14, 2019 and I must say that Enhanced Healing Dr. Henshaw and his staff Loved me when I could not love my self.  I searched for 53 years for a solution and the solution finally came when I was part of it. Dr. Harry and his staff helped me to see the solution in the most loving kind way. I am forever grateful and thankful to them. Wishing you all a life of happiness freedom and joy. 


Daniel: My name is Daniel and I am a person in long term recovery. I have not used a drug or a drink in nearly 12 years. A large part of my success is my relationship and work with Dr. Harry Henshaw. I started with him as my therapist when I was in treatment in 2007. I have continued seeing him as needed ever since. I believe his understanding of the disease of addiction is unrivaled, and his approach to therapy can help anyone who needs it and is willing to do the work.

He is thoughtful, understanding, and doesn’t sugar coat issues. His care has helped me with way more issues than staying clean. As someone who used many substances for many years, I had a variety of issues. Ultimately, with his help, I realized that the biggest problems I had stemmed from low self-esteem and stories I made up that simply were not true, yet I believed them anyways.

Because of our work together, my life is drastically different than what is used to be. Whereas I had no love in my life and minimal career success; I am now an owner of multiple businesses, happily married, and proud father of 4 children. Getting here was not easy. It did take work on my part. It was not always smooth sailing either. There have been plenty of bumps in this path, yet I was able to plow through with success and not use with Harry’s help. During this time, I have had business failures, insecurities, hurtful losses. Despite that, I avoided drugs and alcohol and lived a great life, and look forward to continuing to do that with Harry’s help.

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John: I want to express my eternal gratitude towards the both of you for all you have done for myself, my sobriety and my family.  I have learned more about myself in the last year than the previous 34 years, that is highly profound to me.  It has been a pleasure being part of the enhanced healing family for this year and couldn’t have asked for a better place than with you all.  I will miss the time with you all, my weekly drug tests and of course all of the brothers and sisters I have met along the way.  This group of individuals evolved into a family and such a unique situation of people who have stayed long after IOP standards.  That is something we owe to the both of you having a place where we can go and not operating in the traditional manner because as we know the drugs and drinking are just the surface, its really about……loving oneself and today I can say I have a totally different mindset on that concept.  I still have a lifetime of work ahead of me, know that I am leaving with a great foundation & full toolbox.  Again I thank you and Love you all, really there is no other way to say it.  I knew from the moment I walked in I was in the correct place. Enhanced Healing will always be my go to for others and I will still stop by just to say hi. Thank you for being instrumental parts in my journey this year and I wish you all the best.  If there is ever anything you all need please feel free to reach out anytime as I know I can to you all.  I am here to be of service to ANY person who needs help. 


Stuart: In 2015, I went from detox to Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. I knew something in my life needed to change. At the time, I just didn’t know what it was. From the moment I met Harry and Vanessa, the conversations we had and the suggestions that were given to me allowed me to start to transform my life. As my thinking changed, my life changed. I have continued to participate in groups and one on one counseling at the center which has helped me to continue to grow. Harry and Vanessa were very instrumental in helping me have the life I have today.


Natalie: Enhanced Healing Wellness Center is by far the best experience I’ve had when it comes to any outpatient counseling as well as any inpatient I’ve ever been in. Different, in the best way possible, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be free of alcohol and drugs today. You don’t come across too many genuine, kind people that are willing to do anything to help you and even 2 years later I can still call them if I need help in any area in my life. All the negativity that I’ve believed to be true for years and years has been diminished and turned into a positive beautiful life thanks to them and that’s something you can never thank someone enough. 


Halle: My time spent in Miami with Harry was well spent. I learned about Louise Hay, she is the real teacher here. That’s what is so amazing about Harry: he taught me how to discover myself. He taught me how to love myself unconditionally through the teachers he introduced me to and their work around higher consciousness thinking. Recovery brought me to my best and worst times and throughout learning how to live again without the abuse of mind or mood altering substances. It was challenging because it was so unfamiliar, the way I knew how to live is what brought me to live the life of addiction which I even refer to now as self hatred. My low self esteem is what brought me to the use of narcotics because it took me to a place of fear and hatred and solitude; what I learned through Harry’s practice was how to cope with those feelings and even completely remove them which lessened my urge to look for the comfort of narcotics to help my low self esteem. My high self esteem is what I got to look for comfort when my low self esteem started to kick in through practicing loving myself whole heartedly, the true medicine for addiction. The support from the peers and teachers in Fort Lauderdale recovery helped me take the steps for my journey in loving myself and in my life. They were my new foundation. Thank you for my new beginning. Thank you Harry for teaching me gratitude, it always helps me look within when I fall down because I know I will always get back up again.


Melissa: When I first started with Harry and Vanessa, I was not fully on board with their program and had my own obstacles to overcome as a result. As a person with addiction, I thought I knew what was best for me. I felt I could manage getting and staying sober and pushed against them on many things in the beginning. It was very hard for me to submit to their strategy and admit to myself that their method was what I needed.  Their continued support and consistency along with the support of my family, helped me to overcome my own challenges and put me in a mental and physical place of well-being. As a result, I have been able to maintain my sobriety, focus on my future, and learn from my past. They have been instrumental in helping me reaching the steps of my success and I would not be in the place that I am right now without their professionalism and expertise in this field.