Holistic Outpatient Counseling and Healing Services



Holistic Assessment

The holistic outpatient counseling and healing services that an individual will eventually receive starts with an initial assessment. The assessment will focus on what is happening in the individual’s life, with relationships, work, finances and health. After the assessment Dr. Harry Henshaw will make specific recommendations to the individual about the holistic outpatient counseling and healing services that would best assist them with their concerns. The purpose of the recommendations is to help in finding practical, effective solutions to the individual’s issues. After the assessment, Dr. Henshaw will also help the individual to develop a daily health plan.


Daily Health Plan

After the holistic assessment, the licensed therapist will work with the individual to develop an effective daily health plan. The daily health plan is a powerful tool for the individual to use to help them coordinate and implement all of the recommendations made by the therapist in the initial holistic assessment. The daily health plan includes all of the recommended counseling and healing modalities as well as other suggestions about important aspects of the individual’s life, such as work, physical health and school. The suggestion will also be made to the individual to recreate or develop their health plan on a daily basis and send to their therapist. The therapist will review the individual’s health plan on a daily basis and especially with the individual during the individual counseling sessions.


Individual counseling

Attending individual counseling sessions in our holistic outpatient services is crucial to the success of those who seek to change their life. A great deal of emphasis is put on providing individual counseling sessions at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. Individual counseling allows a client the opportunity to work one on one with a licensed therapist and to discuss and learn how to resolve specific issues that are of importance to the individual in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.  The topic of self esteem will be explored in individual counseling sessions. Each individual counseling session is approximately 50 minutes. Individual outpatient counseling sessions can be conducted at the counseling center in North Miami or online via secure video chat.


Group Counseling

Outpatient group counseling is a very powerful modality that is offered at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. It is in group counseling sessions that clients work on and share about the specific issues that they are experiencing and struggling with in their life.  In addition to the opportunity to be fully self expressed about the issues that they are working on and struggling with, group counseling sessions also allows for constructive feedback to be received from other clients and staff in the group sessions about possible solutions to their issues. The goals for each client attending group counseling is to become fully self expressed about themselves and their issues and to be open to confronting their “blind spots.” Dr. Henshaw conducts all group counseling sessions at the holistic outpatient counseling center. Group counseling sessions are conducted on Monday and Friday mornings.


Family Counseling

The family counseling sessions that are offered as part of the client’s healing process allows for positive support and constructive feedback to be given to the client from family members.  The goal of family counseling is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems and understand and handle special family situations. Family counseling sessions are usually conducted in the evenings or on the weekend. Every effort is made to accommodate the members of the family in the scheduling of family counseling sessions. When families are not living in the Miami area family counseling sessions can be done through secure video chat. Dr. Henshaw conducts all of the family counseling sessions.


Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming is a very powerful modality that helps a person to change the trajectory of their life by helping them to transform their thinking about themselves, other people and life. Neurolinguistic Programming uses perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts, beliefs and actions about themselves, others and life in general.  Clients will be taught specific change patterns and skills that will enable them to let go of their past, be fully present in the moment, create a positive self image and be able to create an empowering future self. Dr. Henshaw has extensive training in Neurolinguistic Programming and will be utilizing the NLP change patterns in both individual and group counseling sessions.


Online Counseling

Online counseling, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling or teletherapy, is available for individuals who wish to maintain a holistic program of healing and transformation even when getting to the center is not an option. Online or secure video chat outpatient counseling sessions are real-time chat and video conferencing and provides convenience for anyone who may prefer to have a counseling session from home or while at work. All online counseling sessions are private, confidential and Hippa compliant. Dr. Harry Henshaw conducts all online counseling sessions at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.


Stress Management

Learning how to manage stress is crucial to the successful outcome of any client struggling with mental health and addiction issues.  When an individual learns how to feel more relaxed and balanced they are more capable of effectively resolving the issues that they are dealing with in their life. At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center we use a variety of techniques including sound healing, neurolinguistic programming, vibroacoustic therapy, yoga, meditation and hypnosis to help each client learn how to relax and as a result reduce stress and anxiety.  Creating a successful program for stress management will be a valuable tool for the client’s receiving holistic and healing services at the holistic outpatient counseling center. Specific stress management techniques will be a part of the individual’s daily health plan.



Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a very powerful modality for helping an individual to change their life.  Using hypnosis allows the individual to let go of barriers to their life, some of which may even be unconscious.  Hypnosis is a very relaxed and focused state of mind where the individual is able to make changes in their life by changing how they thinks about their life, about others and about themselves.  Using hypnosis an individual can learn to sleep better, let go of negative events from their past, learn how to relax and meditate and improve confidence and self esteem. Dr. Henshaw will utilize hypnotic techniques in both individual and group counseling sessions. Hypnotic techniques are also utilized in the relaxation music and positive affirmation recordings offered at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.


Sound Healing

Sound Healing sessions assist a client in learning how to relax deeply and as a result, be better able to manage and reduce their daily stress. In the Sound Healing sessions clients are taught how to utilize the power of therapeutic relaxation music to experience a deep state of relaxation during the day and also work on enhancing their self esteem. Clients learn powerful techniques for relaxation and improving self esteem and are taught how to practice and utilize what they are learning back in their specific home environments through the center’s online audio services. Sound healing sessions are conducted by Dr. Harry Henshaw. All of the therapeutic relaxation music and positive affirmation recordings that are utilized in sound healing sessions have been created by Dr. Henshaw.


Vibroacoustic Therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy and the relaxation lounge are available to each client who is provided holistic outpatient counseling and healing services at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. Using vibroacoustic therapy and the relaxation lounge will help each client learn how to relax and as a result effectively reduce stress and anxiety. Specific techniques will also be taught that will allow the individual to experience a deep state of relaxation in their home environment. Learning how to manage stress and anxiety increases learning and the possibility of achieving lasting health and wellness for a client. Vibroacoustic therapy can also be utilized to help a client improve and enhance their confidence and self esteem. The use of vibroacoustic therapy and the relaxation lounge is especially effective for an individual when they first begin their counseling experience at the Center. All of the audio programming used in vibroacoutic therapy and the relaxation lounge at the Center was developed by Dr. Henshaw.


Self Esteem Therapy

Self esteem is one of the most important issues that will be worked on with all individuals seeking assistance at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.  We believe that creating a positive self image and having authentic self esteem is crucial to any individual who is motivated to change their life. We believe that having a positive self image and good self esteem is especially important for individuals experiencing addictive or emotional issues. Learning how to respect, accept and love themselves is vital and key to anyone who wants to resolve their addictive or emotional concerns and live a happy and healthy life. Learning and implementing self esteem techniques will be emphasized in both group counseling and individual counseling sessions. The powerful work of Louise Hay is central to and the basis of the self esteem therapy offered by Dr. Harry Henshaw at our holistic outpatient counseling center in North Miami.