Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services



INDIVIDUAL counseling

Individual counseling in our intensive outpatient program and outpatient counseling programs is crucial to the success of our clients.  A great deal of emphasis is put on providing individual counseling sessions at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.  Individual counseling allows a client to work one on one with a therapist.  Each client receives a minimum of two hours of individual counseling per week.  Each individual counseling session is 60 minutes.



Each client at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center receives a minimum of six hours of group counseling each week.  It is in group counseling sessions that clients work on and share about the issues that they are struggling with in their addiction and recovery.  In addition to the opportunity be self expressed about their problems, group sessions also allows constructive feedback to be received from other clients and staff about possible solutions to their issues.



Family counseling sessions are very important for each of our clients at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.  Having family involvement in the client’s treatment process allows for positive support and constructive feedback to be given to the client from family members.  Each client will receive one family counseling session per week.  Family counseling sessions are usually conducted on the weekends and evenings.



Online counseling is available for individuals who wish to maintain a program of recovery (with a licensed therapist) even when getting to the center is not an option. Video sessions provide a solution for people who have moved, parents who do not have a babysitter and cannot leave the house, etc.  It also provides convenience for anyone who may prefer to have a counseling session from home, vacation or work without traveling to an office. 




At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center a client’s self esteem is one of the fundamental issues that will be worked with during his or her treatment program.  Every client that is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction has a self esteem problem or issue that needs to be changed or transformed.  We believe that creating positive self esteem is crucial to the client remaining clean and sober and to the long term success of his or her recovery plan and program.



Learning how to manage stress is crucial to the successful outcome of any client struggling with drug and alcohol addiction problems.  At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center we use a variety of techniques including music therapy, yoga, neuro linguistic programming, meditation and hypnosis to help each client learn how to relax and as a result reduce stress and anxiety.  Creating a successful program for stress management will be a valuable tool for the client’s recovery program.



Acupuncture is an effective form of healthcare that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to help millions get well and stay healthy. Placing needles in specific acupoints activates the body’s Qi and promotes natural healing by enhancing immunity and physical and emotional health. It also plays a big part in helping with cravings that one might incur throughout the treatment process.



Vibroacoustic Therapy and the relaxation lounge are available to each client who is admitted to the intensive outpatient program and for outpatient counseling services.  Using vibroacoustic therapy and the relaxation lounge will help each client learn how to relax and as a result reduce stress and anxiety.  Learning how to manage stress and anxiety increases the possibility of a successful recovery program for a client.  Each client will receive one vibroacoustic therapy session per week.