Holistic Outpatient Counseling and Healing Services in North Miami, Florida


Enhanced Healing Wellness Center provides holistic outpatient counseling and healing services for both mental health and addiction concerns in North Miami, Florida. Dr. Harry Henshaw is a doctoral level, licensed psychotherapist who, along with his partner, Vanessa Van Dyne, B.S., provides holistic outpatient counseling and healing services to individuals who are very motivated but struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Our mission and commitment is to help our clients to live life free of emotional and addictive issues.

We believe that you have the power to transform your life and to be authentically happy. Our holistic counseling services at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center includes individual, group, and family counseling sessions as well as a variety of powerful healing modalities such as yoga, self esteem therapy, sound healing, meditation, stress management, massage, reiki, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, online counseling and vibroacoustic therapy.

Let us help you today! To learn more about our holistic outpatient counseling and healing services and how they can be of benefit to you, please call Vanessa Van Dyne today at 305-456-6361 and begin your healing and transformation!

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing Wellness Center 889 NE 125 Street North Miami, Florida, 33161 305-456-6361