Our holistic outpatient counseling team is committed to providing powerful healing services to support individuals who are highly motivated but struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Enhanced Healing Wellness Center is not a treatment center. At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center our mission is to provide dedicated, compassionate care to motivated individuals and families struggling with mental health and addiction issues. To fulfill on our mission we provide a variety of powerful outpatient holistic and healing services including individual, group and family counseling, yoga, stress management, meditation, massage, reiki, self esteem therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis and sound healing.

At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center we are devoted to providing holistic and therapeutic outpatient counseling services to our local community, to the residents of Miami-Dade and Broward counties and even to the world. The holistic counseling and healing services that we offer are provided by licensed, certified and experienced professionals who are committed to excellence and being of service to those that they serve. At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center we believe that being of service to others is the highest purpose.

We believe in an individualized approach to providing healing services, incorporating traditional therapies along with holistic modalities is the most effect way to help an individual heal themselves and transform their life. After a comprehensive assessment by a licensed mental health professional, a holistic plan is developed that will meet the specific needs of the individual. We emphasize teaching individuals the necessary tools that will allow them to change their own life and be able to live life on life’s terms and be happy. 

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Vanessa Van Dyne, B.S.

Vanessa Van Dyne is the Chief Executive Officer of Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. Ms. Van Dyne earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Barry University. Ms. Van Dyne is also a certified Yoga instructor and certified in Y12SR. Ms. Van Dyne provides yoga, meditation, stress management and individual counseling sessions to clients receiving holistic services at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. In addition, Ms. Van Dyne created and manages the yoga studio, Enhanced Healing Yoga, at the Center in North Miami, Florida. Ms. Van Dyne is committed to provide excellence in all of the holistic, healing services provided at the Center

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Dr. Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC
Program and Clinical Director 

Dr. Harry Henshaw has over 34 years experience in both mental health and addiction. Dr. Henshaw has worked in residential treatment programs and outpatient settings in both the mental health and substance abuse fields. Dr. Henshaw earned his doctoral degree from Boston University and has been a licensed psychotherapist in the State of Florida for over 34 years. In addition to his work in psychotherapy, Dr. Henshaw is also a musician and has created a variety of therapeutic relaxation music and positive affirmation recordings that are all utilized at Enhanced Healing Wellness Center.