Our thoughts and word are creating our future.

It is simple. What we think and what we say, our word, is creating our experience and future. We tend to not think that we have no power in our life, that we are helpless victims, that we are the effect of life. However, we are very powerful. We are the cause of life. We are constantly creating our life, from one moment to the next, always in the present. If we consciously change our thinking and what we say in the now we will change our life. Our point of power to transform our life is in the present moment. What we choose to think and say now does matter.

Dr. Harry Henshaw


What we believe we experience in life.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our experiences. What we think or believe to be true we will perceive or experience in our life. If we believe that we are inadequate we will experience this in our life. If we believe that we are good enough just as we are or perfect, whole and complete we will experience this in our life as well. What we believe especially about ourselves we will experience in our life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw


We create our experiences by our thoughts and words

We think we know what our problems are as we live our life. We think that we have a problem with money, relationships, work or even with our health. When we experience issues in these areas of our life we sometimes have a tendency to get frustrated, angry and then we blame or create a resentment towards something or someone. However, if we do not fully understand the true relationship between our inner world and our experiences we will remain a victim.

Our outer experiences are merely a reflection of our inner world, of what is happening inside us. It is our thoughts and beliefs that are creating our outer experiences of life. The most important thought or belief that we have is the one that we have about ourselves. It is this belief that becomes our self limiting belief, the real source of the problems that we experience and initially believe are external to us. When we become present to this fundamental negative thought or belief that we created and create it anew, our life will transform. 

Dr. Harry Henshaw


The Power of Love to Transform

Loving ourselves will create miracles in our life. Loving ourselves will help us to heal every aspect of our life, our mind, body and spirit. When we begin to love ourselves we allow ourselves to access our true healing power, call it Spirit, Source, God. When we love ourselves we get connected to the Power that created us and that created everything. When we love ourselves nothing is wrong in our world, we are perfect, whole and complete. Loving ourselves is the miracle of transformation.

Dr. Harry Henhsaw


10 Ways to Love Yourself by Louise Hay

Below are 10 things that you can begin doing in order to authentically love yourself according to the work of Louise Hay. Loving yourself is the miracle of transformation. When you start the journey of loving yourself your life will begin to change and you will transform. When you start to love yourself you will begin to heal your life. When you come to love yourself you will stop using drugs and alcohol forever. Authentically loving yourself is the solution to drug and alcohol addiction.

Dr. Harry Henshaw


We always have a choice.

Many people believe that we do not have a choice in life, that things just happen to us, that we are the effect of life. I believe that we are not the effect but rather the cause of our life. Given that we are the cause, we are responsible for all that we experience and furthermore, we choose all that we experience, including our addiction to drugs and alcohol. We choose our experiences because we choose and are responsible for our thoughts and thinking, that which creates or generates our experiences. When we become fully present and conscious of this fact we can intentionally and powerfully choose to experience positive things in our life, rather than negative one. We can also choose to be clean and sober and never use drugs or alcohol again. We always have a choice.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Our thoughts shape the world around us.

The thoughts that we think and the words we speak do create our experiences and our perception of the external world. We are fully responsible for all of our thinking and what it creates in our life. We also choose the thoughts and beliefs that we have. We are more powerful than we tend to think. When we consciously become aware of our power we realize that as we change our thoughts about the world, the world around us changes. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, when we change how we think about something, that something changes. This also applies to how we think about ourselves.

Dr. Harry Henshaw