You have the Power to Transform your Life

You have the power to transform your life. You are not nor have you ever been powerless, even when you are using drugs and alcohol. Your point of power is in the present moment, in the Now. Being in this space allows you to access your true power to change the trajectory of your life.

We also access our power by assuming complete and total responsibility for our life. We are responsible for all of our experiences, 100% of them, and we need to accept this fact. We attempt to give away our power and not assume responsibility by blaming and complaining, by playing victim. We are responsible for our addiction.

Being a victim, believing that some other person, place or thing is the cause of our life, is an illusion that only exists in our mind. You are never a victim as you are always responsible for your life. Your current situation in life is only a thought and your thoughts can be changed. Your thoughts are powerful and creative. You created your addiction with your thinking.

Your current situation of using drugs and alcohol is caused by a thought - "I am not good enough." The thought of "I am not good enough" will also create your sense of deservability, of what you will continue to experience in life. The thought that "I am not good enough" will create your negative self image, lack of self-love, your poor self-esteem and your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

You have the power to change your addiction to drugs and alcohol by changing your thoughts about yourself. You have the power to change your addiction to drugs and alcohol not by changing the belief that "I am not good enough." You only have the power to change your addiction to drugs and alcohol by creating new, positive and powerful thoughts about yourself. Recovery and transformation is about reinventing yourself.

You transform your life by repetitiously creating positive thoughts about yourself until these thoughts become your beliefs, which eventually turn into your truth about who you are in the world. Who you are, who you think and belief you are, is the fundamental thought that runs your life and determines all that you experience. You get to choose if those thoughts will be positive or negative. You can start now to consciously claim your power to transform.

Dr. Harry Henshaw