We create our experiences by our thoughts and words

We think we know what our problems are as we live our life. We think that we have a problem with money, relationships, work or even with our health. When we experience issues in these areas of our life we sometimes have a tendency to get frustrated, angry and then we blame or create a resentment towards something or someone. However, if we do not fully understand the true relationship between our inner world and our experiences we will remain a victim.

Our outer experiences are merely a reflection of our inner world, of what is happening inside us. It is our thoughts and beliefs that are creating our outer experiences of life. The most important thought or belief that we have is the one that we have about ourselves. It is this belief that becomes our self limiting belief, the real source of the problems that we experience and initially believe are external to us. When we become present to this fundamental negative thought or belief that we created and create it anew, our life will transform. 

Dr. Harry Henshaw