The Process of Holistic Counseling

At our holistic outpatient counseling center in North Miami, our purpose is to assist people in improving their ability to live life on life’s terms.  For some individuals this process is about learning how to better deal with work related issues and/or relationships of various kinds.  For others this experience is about learning how improve their struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.  In both cases the counseling process for clients is very similar, if not the same.

 The holistic counseling process has two components.  The first part of the counseling process is about the client learning new information, new ideas, new knowledge.  Clients are assigned the work of Louise Hay to read and study.  The book that is recommended is You Can Heal Your Life.  Specific instructions are given to read the book slowly, take notes on what is read and to ask questions about any of the ideas and concepts that the client may not fully understand.

 The second component of the counseling process is about a dialogue that will take place between the client and therapist.  The client is asked to develop an agenda for each session whether it is a group meeting or an individual counseling session.  The agenda that the client is asked to create is about the specific issues that they are dealing with in their life, on a daily basis.  The client is asked to articulate their concerns in writing and then discuss them with the therapist during the counseling session.

 It is in the counseling session with the therapist that the client will talk about the specific issues that they are struggling with in their life.  It is in the counseling session with the client that the therapist will attempt to help them to find a solution to their concerns.  The context of the therapist’s conversation with the client will be from the philosophy of Louise Hay’s holistic work.  The therapist will attempt to help the client reframe their issues from a new perspective, from that of the transformative work of Louise Hay.

 Much of the problems that the client is experiencing including their inability to find resolution to their concerns is because of the context of the thinking or thought pattern that the client has been using.  The work of Louise Hay and its application through the counseling dialogue will create the possibility of the client being able to perceive their issues differently.  When they are able to obtain a different perspective with respect to the concerns that we are struggling with it allows them the opportunity to find a solution.

 The holistic counseling work with a client will move back and forth between the two components mentioned above.  Some of the conversations will involve talking about the new ideas and knowledge that Louise Hay’s work offers to the client while part of the interactive dialogue will involve their application, the wisdom of her work.  The process of moving between the two components of the counseling process allows for a deeper understanding of each component as the client continues to stay focused and committed to the internal transformative work.  It is this deeper understanding that is the essence of transformation for the client.

 Dr. Harry Henshaw