Our past is a story.

Our past is merely a story that we have created. It is our remembrance of events that did or did not happen.

Our past is not real. It is merely our representation of what we refer to as the events that did or did not happen.

The events that once happened are no longer in existence. All we have are our thoughts and beliefs about them.

We can change or transform our thoughts and beliefs about the past. That is our choice.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

The Role of Choice in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a choice that we make. We are responsible for our choice to use drugs and alcohol. We have the power to change our life and addiction forever but only when we regain our power to do so through the acknowledgement of our complete responsibility for creating all of our experiences in life, including and especially our addiction to drugs and alcohol. When we blame other people, places or things for our addiction we are trying to avoid our responsibility and deny that we in fact choose to bring drugs and alcohol into our life.

It is only when we fully acknowledge that drug and alcohol addiction is a choice and that we are completely responsible will we be able to understand the power of our thinking and the true context behind our choice and decision to use drugs and alcohol to destroy our life. The real cause of drug and alcohol addiction will remain hidden from us until to surrender to our full and complete responsibility in this matter. The true cause of our drug and alcohol addiction is only to be discovered in our thinking which we are responsible for generating.

Dr. Harry Henshaw