Patient Broker

Patient Brokering is alive and well on Facebook!

Patient Brokering or Human Trafficking is alive and well, especially on Facebook. Those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction need to watch out for individuals who connect with you here on Facebook, establish rapport, empathize with you, tell you their "story" and then attempt to sell or refer you to a residential program for treatment. Their motives might not be what they appear to be.

It is my opinion that the type of behavior of the Patient Broker is a true distortion of being of service. The Patient Broker justifies their behavior as being something that helps another addict or alcoholic. When you are of service to another human being you have their best interest at heart. For the Patient Broker the only interest that exists is their financial reward or gain for getting you into a residential treatment program.

You must remember that to the Patient Broker you are a commodity, something to be traded, not a human being. They are paid when you are admitted to a treatment program. The connection your feel is more about your loneliness and depression. The empathy you feel is more about you being manipulated. The Patient Broker has become very skilled at using your emotions and suffering to their benefit, not yours.

The fraudulent, sociopathic behavior of the Patient Broker is fundamentally destructive on many levels. The behavior of the Patient Broker has truly damaged the trust that society and the public in general has for counseling and therapeutic assistance for the suffering addict or alcoholic. The behavior of the Patient Broker has also damaged the recovery and sobriety of so many addicts and alcoholics.

Dr. Harry Henshaw