Not Knowing is the First Suggestion that must be accepted early in recovery.

Early in your journey, it is essential to your recovery and transformation that you admit that you really do not know what you need to do to be clean and sober, to stop using drugs or alcohol. If you can accept and surrender to the fact that you do not know you will create a space of learning where you will be open and willing to take suggestions. You will become teachable. Taking suggestions, especially early in the process of recovery, will make the difference between relapse and recovery, continuing to remain clean and sober.

If you adamantly believe that you know what you need to do next to remain clear and sober you will more than likely not be receptive to taking suggestions. If you remain defiant in this respect, you will continue to resist learning even from someone who not only has knowledge about the process but wisdom as well, who has actually lived the path that you say you want. The first suggestion that needs to be accepted is one of not knowing. If you had the knowledge and wisdom of recovery you would not be where you are at the moment.

Dr. Harry Henshaw