Resistance to Change!

Even though we know we need to change, we will resist the process of change. Even though we know we need to change, there is a part of us that does not want to change, that wants to stay the same. Resisting the transformation that we say we want will happen. It is really not a matter of if but when and how much will we resist the process of transformation.

Moving through the resistance requires that we acknowledge that we will resist. We have to be fully present to the existence of our resistance. Do not let the resistance stop you. Awareness of the presence of your resistance is key here. Be aware that you are resisting and continue to work on making the mental changes anyway. Follow suggestions even when you feel that you do not want to.

The source of the resistance is our self limiting belief. The self limiting belief does not want to weaken or be displaced from directing your life. When our self image begins to transform and the self limiting belief is no longer running your life, the resistance will begin to fade and eventually disappear. When you come to authentically accept, respect and love yourself you will transform.

Dr. Harry Henshaw