The Real Problem of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

I believe that our society and most treatment programs do not understand the real problem of drug and alcohol addiction. If we do not understand what the real problem is we will be unable to adequately treat or help individual addicts and alcoholics heal their life. Given our lack of any real understanding, it appears that we are failing miserably in our attempts to help them change the trajectory of their life. We simply do now know the real problem or cause of addiction.

I believe that the real problem of drug and alcohol addiction is a thought or belief that the individual has about their value and worth as a human being. This belief tells the individual that they are not good enough. This thought or belief creates a lack of self love within the individual. It is from this core belief and the poor self esteem that it generates that the individual sources or brings drugs or alcohol into their life to numb the emotional consequence or effect of the negative self image.

Dr. Harry Henshaw