You do have the power to end your addiction!

We must stop blaming other people, places and things for the current drug epidemic that is happening in this country. Physicians, drug dealers, pharmaceutical companies, or anyone else is not the cause of the epidemic and deaths that are occurring now. When we blame we attempt to shift responsibility from the only one that is truly responsible for the situation. Addicts and alcoholic have to assume complete and full responsibility for what they are currently experiencing and creating.

Addicts and alcoholics have the power to heal their life and stop using drugs and alcohol. They need to know this. They are not helpless or even powerless as many want them to believe. They have always had the power to change the trajectory of their life and be clean and sober. Their real power rests with their mind, with their thinking. Their true work is to consciously use the power of their thoughts and thinking to transform their life and never use drugs or alcohol ever again.

Dr. Harry Henshaw