10 Ways to Begin to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is a very powerful way to transform your life.  Loving yourself is the true and only solution to your drug and alcohol addiction.  Loving yourself is also the key to mental health.  Loving yourself is the real way to have a healthy and happy life.

Below are some daily things that you can do to begin to love yourself.  It is important to practice all of them daily.  Perseverance is very important here. Learning to love yourself requires action, both psychological and physical.  Loving yourself is a daily practice of transformation.

1. Practice acceptance.  Stop all criticism and judgment of yourself and others.

2. Practice being present to the moment, to the Now and to what you think and say.

3. Choose to say only positive things about yourself and others.

4. Make time daily to practice positive affirmations.

5. Create and rehearse a gratitude list in the morning upon waking.

6. Acknowledge yourself and others throughout the day.

7. Create a Daily Health Plan in the morning and review it at night.

8. Practice meditation as it helps you to keep connected to the present, to the Source of your Power.

9. Practice forgiveness, of letting go of and giving up the past.

10. Be conscious of how you treat your body, including what and how you eat.

Dr. Harry Henshaw