We must become the Paradigm Shift that is needed to make a difference.

The understanding and treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is in need of a paradigm shift. We continue to have very high relapse rates from individuals going to treatment centers. In addition, the death toll from drug overdoes continues to climb with no solution in sight. Even though we adamantly refuse to admit it, our society does not know what drug and alcohol addiction is all about or how to help those suffering from the disorder.

A paradigm shift is an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. I have attempted to create a paradigm shift with my writings and will continue such efforts. However, I believe that this type of work is not enough to make the change that is necessary. I believe that part of the reason for not being able to create a paradigm shift is that my efforts have been done within the confines of the system that continues to perpetuate our collective ignorance and complacency.

I believe that Enhanced Healing Wellness Center must become the paradigm shift that is needed to make a real difference. To succeed at this endeavor we have decided to leave the system that supports the incompetence and devastating consequences of our so-called treatment industry. To this end, we are no longer a treatment center. I believe that the true cause of drug and alcohol addiction is a negative self image and the poor self esteem that is generated. Our treatment industry continues in one form or another to support and perpetuate the illusion that the cause of addiction is something external to the individual, be it the drugs, drug dealers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, genetic structure of the individual, etc.

I believe that the true cause of addiction is to be found in our human consciousness, in our thoughts and thinking, in our beliefs that we have about others, life and especially about ourselves. What I have found is that when an individuals comes to understand and accept that it is his fundamental beliefs about himself that is the cause in the matter and then proceeds to transform their thinking, comes to authentically start to respect, accept and love themselves, their life changes and the use of drugs and alcohol stops. Drug and alcohol use is only a function of a negative self image and poor esteem.

Our holistic outpatient counseling center is devoted to helping people learn how to heal themselves by changing their thinking and thought process and as a result experience positive self esteem. I realize that this philosophy or perspective will be received with a great deal of resistance. There will be many attempts to hold onto the past way of doing business even though it does not work. I believe that there is no other way to be but to be the paradigm shift that our society desparately needs.

Dr. Harry Henshaw