Love Yourself and You Can Heal Your Life

Chapter Two, “What Is The Problem?.”

You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

1. “It is safe to look within.”

2. What is going on in your life? My life doesn’t work.

3. But I know these complaints are only outer effects of inner thought patterns. Beneath the inner thought patters is another deeper, more fundamental pattern that is the basis of all the outer effects.” (page 14)

4. “Thoughts and words create our future experiences….The words we speak are indicative of our inner thoughts.” (page 14)

5. The word “should.” Use of the word “should” makes you wrong.

6. “What we give out, we get back. The Universe totally supports every thought we choose to think and to believe. When we are little, we learn how to feel about ourselves and about life by the reactions of the adults around us. Whatever these beliefs are, they will be recreated as experiences as we grow us. However, we are only dealing with thoughts patterns and the point of power is always in the present moment. Change can begin in this moment.” (page 17)

7. “I continue to explain that no matter what their problem seems to be, there is only one thing I ever work on with anyone, and this is Loving the Self. Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” (page 17)

8. Ways we do not love ourselves: We scold and criticize ourselves endlessly. We mistreat our bodies with food, alcohol and drugs. What are some of your ways of not loving yourself?

9. “If we deny our good in any way, it is an act of not loving ourselves.” (page 18)

10. When born we were perfect! We soon began to deny our own magnificence. We convinced ourselves that there is something wrong with us.

11. Mirror Work - Relationship with the man or woman reflects the truth about your recovery and transformation as a human being.

12. “We here is a client who has just looked into the harmless little mirror, and he or she is all upset. I smile with delight and say, “Good, now we are looking at the ‘real problem’; now we can begin to clear out what is really standing in your way. I talk more about loving the self, about how, for me, loving the self begins with never, ever criticizing ourselves for anything.” (page 22)

13. What is wrong with you coincides with your “should” list.

14. Why do you criticize yourself? What is wrong with you?” (page 22)

15. “We have finally found the central issue. They criticize themselves because they have learned to believe they “are not good enough.”…Now we do not have to bother with any of the side effects like body problems, relationship problems, money problems, or lack of creative expressions. We can put all our energy into dissolving the cause of the whole thing: “NOT LOVING THE SELF!” (page 23)