Love Yourself and You Can Heal Your Life

Chapter One, “What I Believe.”

You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

1. What we give out, we get back. We are responsible.

2. Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to say, think or believe.

3. We learned to think about ourselves and life from the reactions of the adults around us as we were growing up.

4. There is no one to blame as we are responsible for our experiences.

5. We are only dealing with thoughts and thoughts can be changed.

6. Our innermost belief is “I am not good enough.”

7. We choose all of our thoughts.

8. Most damaging thought patterns: resentment, criticism, guilt and fear are about blaming others and not taking responsibility for our own experiences.

9. We can change our thoughts and attitude toward the past.

10. Forgiveness is the road to freedom. Be willing to forgive. Freedom from the past.

11. Loving the Self - self-approval and self-acceptance is the main keys to having positive changes in your life.