Some Powerful Points of Louise Hay's Philosophy

It is important for us to stay consciously present to a few truths about ourselves and life. We are each responsible for all of our experiences. Every thought that we have is creating our experiences and future. Our ability and power to change and transform rests in the present moment. We have to be aware of our self limiting belief, that “I am not good” and how it can negatively effect our mind, body and spiritual life, including our connection to Spirit, Source, God.

We must also be aware that our self limiting belief is merely a thought that I have and this thought can be changed. We must be willing to release the past, the past from where our self limiting belief originated and come to forgive who we need to forgive, including ourselves. We must be willing to learn how to love ourselves. We must come to practice self-approval and self acceptance in the now in order to love ourselves. When we really come to love ourselves everything in our life will work. Loving ourselves is the miracle of the transformation.

Dr. Harry Henshaw