Daily Homework for Changing Your Life

Daily Homework

1. Take complete ownership and responsibility for your life. Understand that you have created and chosen your life the way it is occurring.

2. Watch your word. Stay present to what you think and say. Choose to say only positive things about yourself and others. What you think and say creates your experiences of how life will occur and be for you. Give up complaining and blaming and replace them with gratitude and acknowledgments of self.

3. Practice your positive affirmations everyday. Say your positive affirmations in the morning, throughout the day and before bedtime, especially before you go to sleep.

4. What is your intention? Plan your intention each morning upon awakening and stay present to it throughout the day. What are you committed to today? What are you committed to creating today? What are you committed to creating now?

5. Create and develop your Future Self. Plan your life the way that you want it to be. Your Future Self is about the life you want to live into, about the life you want to have in the future, about the life you want to start living today. Think about and the visualize your Future Self.

6. Develop your Daily Action Plan. Once you have created your Future Self, it is time to work out and develop a plan to bring your Future Self into existence. Your Daily Action Plan is about fulfilling on your intention and commitments to live your Future Self.

7. Acknowledge yourself and others daily. Acknowledge all of the positive things that you are doing to change and transform your life. Acknowledge all of the positive things that others are doing to transform their life as well.

8. Practice having an attitude of gratitude throughout the day. Speak what you are grateful for in your life in the morning and when you to go sleep in the evening. Keep a gratitude journal.

9. Practice patience. Remember that you are doing the best you can in all of your affairs. When you know more, you will do things differently. Always remember to practice patience in regards to others too.

10. Stay hungry for your change and transformation. As part of your Daily Action Plan you must create a way to stay motivated with and for your transformation.

For transformation and change to take place, it is important for you to get it that you are responsible for your life, completely, that such responsibility is generated from your thoughts and word, that your life can be transformed through the creation of possibilities, that it is important for you to become intentional about your creating, that you can support such a creative action trough daily structure and repetition, that it is important to acknowledge yourself and others through the process while being patient with the journey, that it is vital to the very nature of your transformation for you to continue to remain hungry for your change.

Dr. Harry Henshaw