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Inner Transformation - Positive Affirmation recording for Self Esteem!

Inner Transformation – Positive Affirmation recording by Dr. Harry Henshaw

I do believe in the transformative power of using positive affirmations.  Below are listened the positive affirmations that are on the recording, Inner Transformation.

To enhance the effectiveness of affirmations I recorded them in my voice and mixed them with my therapeutic relaxation music.  It is more effective to listen to this recording of positive affirmations with headphones.

This positive affirmation recording is excellent for those who are in recovery and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Remember it is the consistent use of positive affirmations that will assist you in transforming your life.

1. I joyously release the past. I am at peace.

2. My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health.

3. I am perfect, whole and complete.

4. My income is increasing by one thousand dollars everyday.

5. I breathe slowly and deeply.

6. With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

7. I love everything about myself.

8. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

9. I forgive myself and I set myself free from the past.

10. I love and approve of myself.

11. I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

12. I accept and enjoy the moment, I live in the present.

13. I trust the process of life.

14. I am one with all that is and with the power that created me, with Source, with Spirit, with God.

15. I love who I am. I love my life.

16. I am grateful for everyone and everything that I have in my life.

17. My body is strong and healthy. I am strong and healthy.

18. My life and future is abundant and prosperous.

19. I am intelligent, talented and creative.

20. I always do my very best.

21. I am the divine expression of God. Who I am is Spirit, Source, God.

22.  My income is constantly increasing.

The positive affirmation recording is 40 minutes in length and only $0.95. Full Money Back Guarantee, if not completely satisfied your money will be refunded, no questions asked and you will get to keep the recording.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Our responsibility, choice and power!

As long as an addict or alcoholic continues to think certain thoughts and hold on to specific beliefs recovery will elude them and they will most assuredly and eventually relapse. As long as addicts and alcoholics continue to think and belief that they are not responsible for their addiction, that they did not choose their addiction to drugs and alcohol and that they are powerless with respect to their addiction they will not transform their life. They will remain a victim in and to life.

When we assume complete responsibility for our addiction to drugs and alcohol we learn how we actually created and even choose our self destructive way of being. When we assume full responsibility for our addiction to drugs and alcohol we also learn about our power and how we can change and transform our life and end our addiction forever. When we learn about who we really are, we learn about the divine tools that we possess that will transform our life, our responsibility, choice and power.

Some addicts and alcoholics will gain the knowledge and wisdom necessary to change and transform their life. They will learn the power and even magic of their thinking and beliefs and how they can use these powerful tools to alter the trajectory of their life and transform. Others will not learn and will continue to hold on thoughts and beliefs that devalue them, that will continue to support the belief that they are not good enough. Life for these individuals will continue to be the same, creating possibilities such as institutions, jail or death.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Shifting the paradigm of addiction treatment.

I believe that we desperately need a Paradigm Shift with respect to our present level of understanding drug and alcohol addiction. I believe further that we currently do not adequately understand what addiction is all about. The reason for my suggestion is that to date we have been unable to provide adequate or effective help to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. There is no connection between our current conceptualization of drug and alcohol addiction and effective treatment modalities.

One of the problems that any Paradigm Shift would face is the current gestalt that exists within our society about addiction. Our way of conceiving of anything, addiction included, in our society is driven and determined by what can be referred to as our gestalt, an organized way of understanding something that is more than the sum of its parts, some of which is conscious and other parts of it are unconscious. The parts or elements of any gestalt are believed to be true, to be absolutes even.

The current gestalt in this country, at least about addiction, is comprised of several concepts or ideas that are considered to be truths, truths that are believed to be based on science. Currently we believe that addiction is a disease and that the addict and alcoholic are not responsible for their condition. Connected to the concept of responsibility, we also believe that the addict and alcoholic did not choose his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, we believe that the addict and alcoholic are powerless with respect to their addiction.

The various beliefs that comprise our current gestalt about drug and alcohol addiction are considered to be truths, absolutes. Any thought or belief that is put forward concerning addiction is instantly measured by these commonly held beliefs about addiction. This is especially apparent when the work of transformation is put forth as an alternative way of viewing addiction. For example, transformation believes that we are completely responsible for all of our experiences, that we choose what we experience and that we have the power to change or transform our life and what we experience.

I believe that the essential reason to explore having a Paradigm Shift is that the current gestalt that we utilize to explain and treat addiction simply does not work. As we know, more and more people continue to die from drug overdoes with the numbers rising daily and no end in sight. We also know, even though much effort is put into keeping this fact a secret from the public, the relapse rate for those coming our of residential treatment center is very high. Given the facts of what is happening, it makes sense to explore the creation of a new paradigm for understanding addiction.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

What you think matters!

There are two factors that make the work of Louise Hay very difficult for many addicts and alcoholics to commit to reading, studying and learning. The first has to do with the importance of thinking, of our thoughts and beliefs. Many addicts and alcoholics simply do not understand, and as a result quickly dismiss, any conversation about the importance, let alone power, of our thinking or thoughts patterns for directing our life. There tends to be no connection made by the addict or alcoholic between their inner world of thinking and their outer experiences, including their addiction.

The second factor has to do with their self-image and self-esteem. Many addicts and alcoholics do not believe that what they think about themselves matters or has anything to do with what they are experiencing in life, including and especially their addiction. The same individuals tend to discount any conversation about self-esteem, believing that it might be the effect of drug and alcohol use for some but is definitely not the cause of anyone’s addiction. As a result most simply deny that they have a self-esteem issue at all. There is no understanding that addiction is a reflection of an inner missing of self-love.

I believe that until the addict and alcoholic can understand the importance of their thinking and specifically their thought process about themselves, about their value and worth as a human being, about their poor self esteem and lack of self love, that they will continue to struggle, eventually relapse and recovery will remain something that will always elude them. After detox and the using of drugs and alcohol ceases the individual will feel better. Even though having a conversation at this time about self-image and self-esteem would be of benefit to the addict and alcoholic, it simply will not happen.

What does happen is the continuation of the utter denial of the importance and power of human consciousness. There will be little if any conversation or examination of the thoughts and beliefs that the addict or alcoholic has on a daily basis. There will be no conversation about our responsibility for his using, about his choosing of his addiction and about his power to end his addiction of drugs and alcohol forever. There will be the overt promoting of the idea that now that you feel better, you are better and with this delusion comes the implicit message that all you have to do is return to the external, outer world to continue living your life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

You can heal your life!

As awareness is one of the first steps in changing ones life, becoming fully present to how we have been disrespecting and even harming ourselves, allows us the opportunity and creates a possibility for us to begin to make changes in how we think, feel and act that will result in us coming to authentically respect, approve, accept and love ourselves. You can heal and transform your life.

The primary purpose of our outpatient counseling services is to assist individuals in learning how to start loving themselves again. If you know that you need to make changes in how you are living and are willing to do the work necessary to alter the trajectory of your life, give us a call today. Regardless of your struggle with mental health or substance use issues, we know you can heal your life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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We don't know anything!

It appears as though the Miami Dade County School Board is doing the same thing as what happened in Oklahoma earlier this year. The Dade County School Board "has filed a federal lawsuit against more than a dozen corporations that manufacture or distribute opioids, claiming that the nation’s fourth largest school district should be compensated for the money it has spent battling the “worst man-made epidemic in modern medical history.”

As we know we are in the midst of the country's worse drug epidemic ever. Absolutely nothing has helped to resolve or even slow down the negative effects, and especially the deaths, from drug overdoes. For the most part, there is a sense of helplessness and fear that exists in our society with respect to this epidemic. Everything that has been attempted to combat the epidemic has failed miserably. The efforts of those who say they understand the cause of addiction and especially our treatment industry has been completely ineffective.

Big Pharma is now considered by many to be the real cause of the drug epidemic. As a result of this idea, it is believed that by suing the pharmaceutical companies that the real cause of addiction can be attacked at its source and a resolution achieved in court. It is my opinion that not only will this type of strategy not work at achieving its objectives but will in fact reinforce the fundamental nature of the drug epidemic itself. This type of situation tends to happen when one system in our society attempts to compensate for the inept and incompetent nature of another.

It is my opinion that the legal remedy that is now being sought will do two very detrimental things with respect to the drug epidemic. First it will reinforce the already existing belief that addicts and alcoholics are merely poor victims and that they are not responsible for their condition. Second, by continuing to focus on something external to the addict and alcoholic we will not use our collective energy to focus on the addict and alcoholic himself. It is my belief that the root cause of addiction is internal to the addict and not something happening outside of him.

I will reiterate again, we need a Paradigm Shift with respect to drug and alcohol addiction. We simply do not have an adequate understanding of what drug and alcohol addiction is all about. Many pretend that they know but the truth is that they do not. When we are unable to move from a theoretical perspective of a disorder to effective treatment modalities for that condition the most likely suspect is our understanding of the problem. However, we do what many individuals who could be characterized as being insane do. We continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Unfortunately our resistance to change, coupled with a great deal of arrogance, makes us complicit in our collective malady. Stated simply, many individuals are dying and will continue to die because of our ignorance. When are we going to wake up to the truth? When are we going to admit that we do not understand what addiction is all about? When are we going to admit that we need to shift our efforts to find resolution to this terrible social condition back to its source and not continue to look in the wrong place and ask the wrong questions? When are we going to admit that addiction has nothing to do with the drugs?

Dr. Harry Henshaw

The Root Cause of Addiction!

Why do so many people relapse when they get out of residential treatment programs? Why do so many people relapse even though they are actively going to AA or NA meetings daily and working with a sponsor on the 12 steps? Why do so many people relapse after years of being clean and sober? What is this all about? Why does it happen?

When an individual first decides to change the trajectory of his life and become clean and sober he tends to feel good in the beginning of his detoxification. The body is slowly healing and the negative impact of drugs and alcohol has lessened or even ceased. The individual is starting to heal and feel better physically and as some even report, emotionally as well.

However, at some point the depressed and anxious feelings start to surface again. As the days pass, the individual begins to eventually feel the way that they felt prior to or during his active addiction to drugs and alcohol. The tendency of many individuals is to return to how they attempted to resolve or manage the situation in the past, to use drugs or alcohol.

It is my opinion that the individual who eventually relapses has not dealt with the true or root cause of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. While the recovery movement makes mention that resolution to drug and alcohol addiction requires a transformation of thought and attitude, I do not believe that the underlying, causal thinking and thought patterns have been adequately transformed.

Many individuals that are in the process of relapsing share about how they are feeling during this experience. With their sharing of depressed and anxious feelings there is little if any insight into the thinking or thoughts that created the emotional space that the individual has entered. For many there is little or no insight into what is truly happening or causing the experience only the urge or need to use.

It is my belief that both the treatment industry and the recovery movement in general do not adequately address the true or root cause of addiction. It is my belief that what is missed and even ignored in some cases is not how the individual is feeling but rather what thoughts and beliefs they are having or experiencing that are driving or causing their emotions and ultimately their behavior to use drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

What we believe about addiction matters.

Some individuals in recovery, in AA and NA, believe that you are not responsible for your addiction to drugs and alcohol. They also tend to believe that you did not choose your addiction. These same individuals also believe that you are powerless when it comes to your addiction. These same individuals believe further that life is happening at you and all you can do is manage it to the best of your ability. While difficult to express, it is believed that you are a victim.

Transformation believes that you are completely responsible for your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Transformation also believes that you choose your addiction by virtue of the thoughts and beliefs that you created. Transformation also believes that you have the power to change your life and end your addiction forever. Transformation believes that you are cause of your life and not the effect of life, not a victim.

The so-called philosophy of the recovery movement and that of transformation are different and in some ways diametrically opposed to each other. The bottom line is that you have to choose which philosophy you want to use to help you with your substance abuse issues and life in general. Your choice of which to believe and use will have clear implications and consequences for you and your life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

The First Step in Recovery and Transformation

The belief that the real cause of drug and alcohol addiction is something other than our thinking and thought process, especially the thoughts that we have about ourselves, about our value and worth as a human being, is very pervasive in our society. The current tendency is to believe that addiction is about the human brain, about its abnormal nature. It is believed further that addicts and alcoholics have a disease.

We offer another possibility. I believe that the real cause of drug and alcohol addiction is to be found in human consciousness, in our thought process. I believe that addicts and alcoholics have a negative self image, believing that they are not good enough, especially when compared to others. This negative self image always causes one to experience a lack of self love, to have poor self esteem.

The first reaction of many individuals suffering from substance abuse issues is to reject the idea that drug and alcohol addiction is about having poor self esteem. The essential reason for this denial is that most addicts and alcoholics have difficulty facing the man or woman in the mirror and assuming responsibility for their way of being. The tendency is to blame other people, places and things for their current condition.

I have found that the ability of an individual to transform his life is determined by the acceptance of one initial belief, of believing that he is completely responsible for all of his experiences and life. When a person acknowledges and accepts that he is the cause of his current situation in life, then and only then, will he be able to work on transforming the true cause of his addiction to drugs and alcohol, his negative self image and the resulting poor self esteem.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

There is only the journey!

There is no destination, only the journey. The journey is about the now, the present moment.

All we have is the now, the journey. Our point of power is in the present moment.

It is important for you to stay present to the journey and choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely.

It is from your choices about what to think and believe that you decide who you will be in the present, during your life's journey.

Dr. Harry Henshaw