Self Esteem and Addiction Go Hand in Hand

Self Esteem and addiction go hand in hand. Low self esteem is considered the number one factor for causing a drug and alcohol addiction!

There is a concept in my profession referred to as co-occurring disorders indicating a connection between substance abuse problems and mental health conditions. It is my opinion that both of these disorders exist with the addict and alcoholic. I believe that all individuals who suffer from a substance abuse or dependency problems have a mental health condition. I believe further that the mental health condition is the primary or fundamental problem for the addict or alcoholic.

It is also my belief that both of these conditions have to be treated, the substance abuse issue and the mental health problem. Many people in the drug treatment industry minimize or deny the existence of a mental health condition. What happens when this is done is that the client will become abstinent from drugs and alcohol only to relapse quickly after treatment because the underlying mental health condition was not adequately dealt with and treated. The treatment of the mental health problem is something that is absolutely necessary for the well being and recovery of the addict and alcoholic.

While many addicts and alcoholics experience a great deal of anxiety and the underlying emotion of fear, I believe that depression and dysthymia are the primary mental health conditions and diagnoses that form the cornerstone of their drug and alcohol problem. One of the symptoms of major depression and dysthymia is poor self esteem. It is my opinion that poor self esteem is the root of the substance abuse and dependency disorder. It is also one of the symptoms that is not given a great deal of importance or even acknowledged in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

It is also my opinion that until we recognize, acknowledge and begin to treat the problem of poor self esteem that addicts and alcoholics will continue to relapse and in many cases even die. At the basis of the addict and alcoholic's poor self esteem is a negative self image, negative thoughts and beliefs about their worth and value as a human being. It has been my experience that every addict or alcoholic that I have worked with have serious issues with their self image even if in the beginning of their treatment they deny its existence.

It is my recommendation that if you are looking for a treatment program for someone who has a substance abuse and dependency problem that you insist that there are master's level, licensed and trained therapists on staff to adequately counsel and treat mental health problems. This particular requirement is crucial to the addict and alcoholic receiving appropriate care and treatment. When researching a potential residential or outpatient treatment center simply ask the administration of the center for the qualifications of the therapists and counselors that provide all of the counseling services to addicts and alcoholics.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

It is Never About the Booze or Drugs!

I believe that a negative self image and the poor self esteem that is caused by our negative perception of our value and worth as a human being is the primary cause of drug and alcohol addiction. It is not the drugs or alcohol that is the problem, it never has been. The real cause of drug and alcohol addiction will not be found in any other person, place or thing but only inside the addict or alcoholic.

When we consciously decide to focus on helping addicts and alcoholics to transform their self image, then and only then will be we start to find authentic solutions to the drug and alcohol problems and epidemic that we are experiencing today in this country. Until we help the addict and alcohol look inside and learn to heal their relationship with the man or woman in the mirror things will continue to be the same.

Individuals who authentically respect, accept and love themselves will not use drugs and alcohol. The real solution to drug and alcohol addiction is to help addicts and alcoholic learn how to respect, accept and love themselves as they are now, to let go of their belief that they are not good enough and as a result of this work to stop using drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol addiction is not a physical disorder so much as it is primarily a thought disorder. The real addiction is to a way of thinking, a way of thinking that tells you that you are not good enough, that you are inferior. The solution to drug and alcohol addiction is to be found only in a transformation of the addict and alcoholic's thinking and specifically in their thinking about who they believe they are as a human being.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Online Individual Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling Sessions

Schedule an Online Individual Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling Session with a qualified, licensed professional. If you are ready to change the trajectory of your life, online outpatient counseling can help you get started with your recovery from drugs and alcohol and even help to reduce the need for admission to a residential treatment program.

All online individual counseling sessions will be conducted by Dr. Harry Henshaw, Clinical Director and Program Director of Enhanced Healing Wellness Center. Dr. Henshaw, a graduate of Boston University, is also a licensed psychotherapist in the State of Florida with 33 years of experience in residential and outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction.

To make an appointment with Dr. Henshaw for an Online Individual Counseling Session please text or call him at 305-498-3442. All online counseling sessions are private and confidential.

Negative Self Image as the Cause of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addicts and alcoholics use drugs and alcohol because of a negative self image and poor self esteem. Addicts and alcoholics do not like themselves, do not love themselves, do not believe that they are enough, do not believe that they are good enough, believe that they are inadequate, incompetent, a failure, a loser, not lovable and many other negative thoughts and beliefs about their value and worth as a human being. The "disease," if you will, of addiction is a belief and a belief that can be changed or transformed.

Addicts and alcoholics are completely responsible for their drug and alcohol addiction because they are responsible for their negative thinking about themselves. Addicts and alcoholics do not use because of the drugs, alcohol, drug dealers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, their environment, their past, their families, including their parents, childhood trauma, their genetics or any other excuse that can be created with the intent of denying the responsibility that rests solely with the individual addict and alcoholic. However, there is real hope.

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you are only one thought or belief away from transforming your life and ending your addiction to drugs and alcohol forever! Learning to love yourself and believe that your are good enough, that you and your life matters, will change the trajectory of your life and eventually end your drug and alcohol addiction. This work is about changing your thinking about yourself and is something that you can do! Changing your thinking and learning to love yourself is the real secret to your recovery.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

The Role of Choice in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a choice that we make. We are responsible for our choice to use drugs and alcohol. We have the power to change our life and addiction forever but only when we regain our power to do so through the acknowledgement of our complete responsibility for creating all of our experiences in life, including and especially our addiction to drugs and alcohol. When we blame other people, places or things for our addiction we are trying to avoid our responsibility and deny that we in fact choose to bring drugs and alcohol into our life.

It is only when we fully acknowledge that drug and alcohol addiction is a choice and that we are completely responsible will we be able to understand the power of our thinking and the true context behind our choice and decision to use drugs and alcohol to destroy our life. The real cause of drug and alcohol addiction will remain hidden from us until to surrender to our full and complete responsibility in this matter. The true cause of our drug and alcohol addiction is only to be discovered in our thinking which we are responsible for generating.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Importance of Human Consciousness in the Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

If we promote the idea that drug and alcohol addiction is caused by physical factors, by the brain, we then run the risk of negating the conversation about human consciousness having anything to do with a solution to the problem.

When we promote the idea that drug and alcohol addiction is primarily, if not exclusively, a problem caused by the brain, we also run the risk of stripping the addict and alcoholic of any sense of responsibility for their addiction.

With the lack of responsibility for their problem, the addict and alcoholic will have a tendency to not be motivated to do much to change their life, possibly feeling helpless to even try. With the lack of responsibility for their problem, the addict and alcoholic may even have another excuse to continue to use.

It is only by believing that human consciousness plays an important if not exclusive role in the development of drug and alcohol addiction will we be able to restore personal responsibility for the disorder and also create real motivation to take action to change the trajectory of their current life. With this sense of motivation there will be the experience of hope.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

6 Ways to Survive the Holidays Sober

The Holiday’s truly are a magical time. But navigating the Holiday’s while in recovery can pose additional challenges as certain festivities, traditions and individuals can trigger old habits or cravings. As we go into the Holiday season remember that you should put as much effort into planning for your recovery as you put into planning the actual Holidays. This checklist isn’t to scare you, or make you want to hide until the holidays are over. Use this as a guide to ensure that you have a plan to support you through an amazing Holiday Season. EHWC wishes you Peace, Joy, Love and Recovery the Holiday Season!

How The Relaxation Lounge Supports Recovery and Benefits Treatment Programs

The programming of the Relaxation Lounge is designed to be behavior and cognitive modifying sessions for clients and as such is a billable service. The Relaxation Lounge itself is a non-medical sound and vibration system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body.  This type of device delivers natural frequencies in a passive and non-invasive process to the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing these cells in our body and brain through entrainment.  Research is proving that sound healing and frequency therapy can be an effective and safe way to help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety and the effects of health problems. The more relaxed the body and mind is the more effective a person will be at resolving his or her individual problems.

Music: The Underutilized Yet Powerful Tool for Handling Stress and Anxiety

As a society we all know that stress and anxiety have negative effects on our body and our mind. We could all benefit from learning more stress and anxiety management tools, but for an individual struggling with drugs and alcohol the need for these tools is much greater and can mean the difference between life and death. At Enhanced Healing Wellness Center we promote and encourage the use of many effective tools for stress and anxiety management. We incorporate acupuncture, yoga, counseling, time management tools, and more. But there is one powerful tool I’d like to discuss that I believe is underutilized and extremely effective: MUSIC.