The Power of Perseverance

Impatience is simply resistance to change. Many addicts and alcoholics are very impatient when it comes to doing the work that would transform their life if they engaged in and completed it. Simply stated, many addicts and alcoholics want the rewards or promises but do not want to do the work that is necessary to experience the transformation.

This is especially prevalent with respect to an addict and alcoholic considering changing their thinking. To have a true transformation of thought and attitude, to transform how they think and feel about themselves, others and life in general, requires a great deal of work and perseverance. Doing this type of work requires going to any length necessary to experience the transformation.

Taking an honest look at oneself, discovering how much one does not respect, accept, approve or love themselves is very difficult and even painful. While this condition can be transformed, most addicts and alcoholic will resist doing the work necessary to change their thinking. Many adamently resist doing the work assigned to transform and tend to believe they can find an "easier, softer way."

Perseverance, never giving up, is necessary if your are to truly transform your thinking and your life and end your addiction to drugs and alcohol. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work, to constantly working on transforming ones thoughts and thinking about oneself, of creating a new and positive self image. The power of perseverance does transform.

Dr. Harry Henshaw