The Addict and Alcoholic are Responsible for their Addiction!

The problem with blame is always the same. When we blame any person, place or thing for our experiences we do not take responsibility. As we are responsible for all of our experiences there is truly no one to blame. Without assuming complete responsibility for what we have created we will also not change or transform and our life will continue as it always has been.

The cause of the current drug epidemic and the resulting deaths is not the medical professionals, doctors and pharmaceutical corporations as many want to believe. The true and only cause of the epidemic is the addict and alcoholic, their negative self image and resulting poor self esteem. The addict and alcoholic is truly responsible for their substance abuse and addiction.

We can blame the doctors and pharmaceutical companies all we want and try to think that we fixing the epidemic but we are not. The only way to help the suffering addict and alcoholic is to first help them to take full responsibility. Once this happens, we can then assist them in learning how to authentically think differently about themselves and ultimately learn how to love themselves.

When we truly love ourselves we will choose to respect and honor ourselves. When we truly love ourselves we will not harm or hurt ourselves with drugs and alcohol. When we come to understand that the real problem is the thought process of the addict and alcoholic, the thoughts and beliefs that they have about their negative value and worth as human beings, then and only then will we be able to resolve the current drug epidemic.

Dr. Harry Henshaw