You are good enough just as you are.

Once you come to understand and accept that your thoughts and beliefs have been running your life, you are ready to start to do the work of transformation and even recovery. While you will go in and out of resistance as you move through some of your thoughts and beliefs that you have been very attached to, if you stay committed to doing the work of transforming your thinking you will create a new and different life for yourself. You will be on the road to reinventing yourself, of coming to respect, accept, approve and love yourself as you are now.

As you begin to take this journey you will need assistance. While it is you that will have to make the transition from knowledge to wisdom, to do the work, having someone who understands the path of transformation is vital to your success. The prescription will be for you to acquire new knowledge and then to apply it to your life. While this will not always be an easy road to take you will reach your destination only in dialogue with another individual who has and is on the journey. Following the suggestions of your guide will be not only important but vital to you altering the trajectory of your life.

One epiphany that you will get during your journey is that your addiction has never been about the drugs or alcohol. You will have a veil lifted and you will come to understand that you have been sourcing the drugs and alcohol into your life to satisfy a need that you have inside you, a need that corresponds to a belief that you have about yourself, a belief that tells you that you are not good enough. You will come to know that you have been bringing the drugs and alcohol into your life to numb the thought and corresponding feeling of being inadequate.

When you transform the negative mind set that you have been using and holding onto for years with one that acknowledges your divine magnificence the drugs and alcohol will disappear from your life. The drugs and alcohol will no longer be on the radar screen of your life. The cravings and obsessions will cease. Your addiction will end as the true source of your addiction, your thought of not being good enough, will be transformed, transformed into a belief that you are good enough just as you are now. You will come to believe that you are perfect, whole and complete and always have been.

Dr. Harry Henshaw