You have the power to end your addiction!

You have the power to change your life. You have the power to end your addiction to drugs and alcohol forever. You need to know this. When you take full and complete responsibility for your life you will have the power to transform. You have this power all the time and it depends on how you use it.

Your power is with your thoughts and beliefs, especially those about yourself, about your value and worth as a human being. When you accept and acknowledge that your thoughts are powerful and that they have been creating your life you assume responsibility for yourself and begin to utilize your personal power to transform.

When you blame and continue to be a victim you do not have the power to transform your life. When you blame any person, place or thing for your situation and play victim you will continue to use drugs and alcohol and stay in active addiction. When you accept that you can transform your life by changing your thoughts and beliefs you will begin to use our power to heal yourself.

Dr. Harry Henshaw