Resistance is the first step to change.

Resistance is always apart of the change or transformative process. We will resist regardless of how dedicated we are to our recovery. We will continue to resist as we move through the process of transformation. It is not that resistance is bad or something to be avoided but how we deal with the psychological movement that is taking place within us is very important. Awareness of our resistance is absolutely necessary for us to actually change or transform. Awareness is especially important when we confront our impatience to change.

Impatience is resistance to change, transformation or recovery. Being impatient is when you want the change and the rewards that go with it but do not want to do or be bothered with the specific work or steps necessary to bring about the recovery or transformation. It is like when you are sitting in a chair and want to go outside but do not want to stand up out of the chair you are sitting in, walk to the door, open the door and walk through the door to the outside. However, without doing the specific work to achieve your stated goal, you will not change, transform or recover.

"Impatience is only another form of resistance. It is resistance to learning and to changing. When we demand that it be done right now, completed at once, then we don't give ourselves time to learn the lesson involved with the problem we have created." Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw