What I think and say matters!

When we learn more we will do different and better for ourselves and others. When we learn that life is really very simple, what we give out, we get back. The source of our giving out is not only our behavior and what we do but also what we say and think, especially when the referent is about ourselves.

What I think and say is creating my experiences and how life will be for me. What I think about myself will become the truth for me. When I learn this, that my thoughts and words do matter, I will assume responsibility for my life. I will no longer attempt to blame other people, places and things for my experiences and life.

I will also learn that I have a choice in the matter. What I think and say about myself, others and life in general is a choice that I make from moment to moment. I get to choose whether my thoughts and words will be positive or negative. My thoughts and word are powerful and when I learn and accept that I will transform my life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw