Time for a Paradigm Shift?

I do believe that we need to confront the current drug epidemic in our society. I also believe that our efforts to date to find a solution have been less than impressive, in fact mostly a complete failure. However, I do not believe that heroin or any other drug is killing anyones town or responsible for the death of the individual who overdoes.

If we do not have an adequate understanding of the true cause of addiction we will not be able to find an effective solution to the epidemic. Given that we have not found any solution to this devastating problem logically means that we do not yet have an adequate or even realistic understanding of the cause of drug and alcohol addiction.

I believe the cause of the epidemic and addiction in general is not to be found outside of the addict or alcoholic but rather within them. I also believe that we have been wasting valuable time looking in the wrong places for the cause and as a result asking meaningless questions as to supposed solutions. We do seem to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

When will we admit that we desperately need a Paradigm Shift with respect to our understanding of addiction? How many more have to die before we admit that we do not understand addiction let alone know how to effectively assist those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. When will we stop pretending and being a fraud with respect to addiction.

Dr. Harry Henshaw