It is time to start loving yourself, for real!

The simplicity of transformation is profound. Ask yourself, is what I am thinking, saying and doing at any moment during the day a true example of me showing approval, acceptance, respect and love towards myself? It is vital that you be honest in your inquiry. If you are uncertain you may want to reach out to someone you trust and who will be honest with you.

If your answer is no, then ask yourself what is blocking me from authentically loving myself. The answer will always be found inside you, in your thinking, in your thoughts and beliefs about who you think you are, about your believed value and worth as a human being. It is always our present self image that determines the level of respect that we have towards ourselves and also, what we will be able to achieve in our life.

It is this type of work that I believe is what true transformation and even recovery is really all about. I also believe that the reason why our society and treatment industry are failing miserably is that they are not looking in the right places for the problem and as a result asking the wrong questions with respect to a solution. The answer to the epidemic will only be found within the individual addict or alcoholic, not externally.

It is time to start a conversation about the importance of self love. It is time to start a conversation about self love and how it is missing in the life of the addict and alcoholic. It is time to start a conversation about how we can help addicts and alcoholics to learn how to authentically love themselves. It is time for addicts and alcoholics to start loving themselves, for real!

Dr. Harry Henshaw