The Real Problem.....

I believe that once we admit that we do not know the real problem, the real cause of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, then and only then will we be open minded enough and willing to consider other possibilities. Louise Hay offers us such a possibility.

The real problem is not with other people, places and things but rather with us, with our thinking, and more specifically, with our thinking about ourselves. It is our thinking about our value and worth as a human being, a belief that we are not good enough, that is the cause of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

When we think we are not good enough, we do not have self love and as a result will mistreat and abuse our body, mind and spirit with drugs and alcohol. The solution is simple. We need to learn how to authentically respect, accept, approve and love ourselves. Self love is the key to recovery and transformation.

Dr. Harry Henshaw