Importance of your relationship with yourself

You hear a great deal about the importance of having God in your life in the program, especially in AA. I believe that there is a another conversation that needs to take place before we can talk with another in a meaningful way about our relationship with God. The initial conversation that needs to take place is about our relationship with ourselves.

I believe that we have to come to authentically love ourselves before we can have any meaningful relationship with God. Most addicts and alcoholic do not truly love themselves but only pretend to do so. What blocks us from being spiritually connected to God, Source, Spirit or Higher Power is our inability to love ourselves, to have self love.

Learning to love ourselves as we are, to respect, approve and accept ourselves, gives us access to a true connection or relationship with God, Spirit, Source or Higher Power. Many people speak of how important God has been in their life but live the life of a fraud and live it inauthentically. If we are to get connected to the Power that God, Source, Spirit or Higher Power truly is we have to learn how to love ourselves.

Dr. Harry Henshaw