Show me the money!

I am sure that many are thinking that finally, something has been done to help resolve the drug epidemic in this country. Yesterday a judge in Oklahoma made a legal decision against a pharmaceutic company, holding them responsible for the deaths and problem of addiction that we are now experiencing and ordered them to pay money. Many will see this event as a victory for those suffering from drug addiction.

Actually it is not so much of a victory as it is a reinforcement of the belief system that is currently determining our attempt to understand and treat drug and alcohol addiction, a system that is, as we know, a complete failure. The decision in Oklahoma reinforces the belief that the cause of substance use and drug and alcohol addiction is something external to the addict and alcoholic. Again, those suffering from addiction are mere victims.

I am sure that many truly believe that the legal decision in Oklahoma will start a movement in this country to successfully fight drug addiction. Unfortunately all that will happen with respect to treating addiction is more of the same. What will happen though is that now many more will attempt legal action against pharmaceutical companies. The conversation about now having a solution is more about money than it is about anything else.

Dr. Harry Henshaw