Transform your life.

I believe that the conversation of transformation allows those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction access to true and lasting recovery. Transformation is not about a physical change or about doing or having anything. Transformation is about altering your thinking, your thoughts and beliefs, especially about who you think you are, about your perceived worth and value as a human being. Transformation is simple to understand but not easy to experience and live.

To begin the journey of transformation requires learning about and adopting a new philosophy from which to think differently about others, life and especially yourself. At first the knowledge that will be presented will seem simple, so simple in fact that some tend to say that they already know it or for others, they will discount it as having nothing to do with recovery. Once you learn this new philosophy you will start the process of constructing a different framework or context from which to experience life anew.

As you progress along the road of transformation you will be presented with some very powerful tools to assist you in your efforts to transform your life. For example, one tool that you will become exposed to is the use of positive affirmations. When you come to understand that everything that you think or say is an affirmation, you will start to see the magic in learning how to utilize positive affirmations in your transformation. Using positive affirmations will allow you the ability to intentionally transform your self-image or identity, to reinvent yourself.

A second tool is that of forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential to your transformation on many levels. To forgive is to let go, to let go of the people, place and things that you are negatively attached to or even a slave to. Forgiveness is about letting go of your past so that you can come powerfully into the present. Your point of power is only to be experienced in the present moment. As long as you are enslaved by your past you will not be able to transform. Utilizing forgiveness allows us to let go of being a victim and assume responsibility for our life.

Another tool, and maybe one of the most important, is learning how to implement the principles of transformation into your life. Unlike the other tools of transformation this one can only be learned in dialogue with another human being. While learning the philosophy and techniques of transformation are very important, being able to actually bring this new knowledge forth and alter your experience of life requires learning how to interpret your current life experiences from a transformational perspective.

As you read and contempt the new material assigned, you will be encouraged to ask questions about what you are learning and also inquire about how it will help you with the issues and even problems that you are currently experiencing and dealing with in your life. This tool requires that the individual create an agenda each session, a list of topics or problems that they are facing and struggling with on a daily basis. The topics or issues will be discussed with another human being from the backdrop of transformation.

It is in this transformative dialogue with another person that the individual will begin to experience resistance, resistance to change, resistance to transformation. The working through of the resistance with the other person is apart of the dialogue of transformation. Unable to accept and apply the new philosophy will eventually result in the individual having no breakthrough in their life and will remain essentially the same. When the individual is able to move through the resistance and come to conceive and perceive of their life from the perspective of the new framework, a breakthrough will be experienced.

Dr. Harry Henshaw