Thoughts create your life.

Understanding that it is our thinking that creates and determines our life can be a very difficult concept to accept as can be seen today. Most tend to think that we are constantly responding to the events of life, to the things happening around us and in our world. Most believe that we are the effect of life.

Most tend to see the cause of our experiences and of our life in general as coming from the outside of us. The idea that what determines our experiences is coming from within us is something that can be very for foreign to many and at times very difficult to comprehend. Most tend to resist and even reject this idea.

I believe that until we can first understand and then accept the idea that we are the cause of our experiences, that it is our thinking, our thoughts and beliefs, that is creating our life, we will continue and remain a victim. We will never fully assume responsibility for our experiences and be able to create the life we say we want.

This idea also applies to those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Until they come to understand and then act upon the idea that they are responsible, that they created their substance use and addiction by the thoughts that they choose, they will continue to experience the condition they created but say they do not want.

Dr. Harry Henshaw