Poor Self-esteem and Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Many people have a great deal of difficulty understanding the real relationship between poor self-esteem and drug and alcohol addiction. Many believe that there is no relationship. Others believe that poor self-esteem is the result or consequence of using drugs and alcohol.

Most do not see that poor self-esteem is the true cause of drug and alcohol addiction. We treat ourselves according to what we believe is our value and worth as a human being. If we believe that we are not good enough then we will treat ourselves with little if any respect or love.

Using drugs and alcohol is clearly an example of how we do not love ourselves. I believe that using drugs and alcohol is merely the instrument that we use for self execution. For someone to say that they still have positive self-esteem while using drugs and alcohol is merely their attempt to deny reality.

I believe that the primary reason why most people have difficulty with accepting the idea that self-esteem is the cause of drug and alcohol addiction is that it would mean that for them to work on themselves that they would have to look inside. Most people would prefer to focus on other people, places and things as the cause of their problems.

Dr. Harry Henshaw