Paradigm Shift - A Revolution in Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

I believe that we are in the beginning stages of a revolution in this country concerning our understanding and treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. I believe that this revolution is much needed and long over due.

This revolution has been prompted by several factors most noticeably the daily epidemic deaths from drug overdoes and the ineffectiveness of the treatment industry to help resolve or even slow the pace of this devastating social problem.

I believe that this revolution will confront some of the most commonly held assumptions about our current understanding and treatment of drug and alcohol disorders and in the process create a new, more adequate paradigm for drug and alcohol addiction. I believe this new paradigm will reveal the true relationship between poor self-esteem and drug and alcohol addiction.

1. Drugs are not addictive. We create the addiction by how we use or source drugs and alcohol into our life to serve us, to help us feel good, or not so bad. It is our mind or thinking process that creates the need for and hence the addiction to or use of drugs and alcohol.

2. Addiction is not a disease. Addiction is the repetitious, compulsive use of drugs and alcohol to numb our thought process or certain thoughts that tells me that I am not enough, that I not good enough or some other negative self limiting belief.

3. The cause of addiction, what we could refer to as the “disease” itself, is a thought, a belief about our worth and value as a human being. This thought or belief forms the foundation of our self-image, of how we perceive ourselves in life. It is from this perception of self that the addict and alcoholic emotionally experiences a lack of self-love and poor self-esteem.

4. We choose our addiction to drugs and alcohol because we choose the thought or belief that sources them into our life, which is our self-limiting belief, that I am not enough, that I am not good enough, etc. It is this self-limiting belief that creates our need for and therefore attracts or draws drugs and alcohol into our lives.

5. The solution to drug and alcohol addiction is to change our thinking, to choose, with hard work and assistance, to think differently and more positively about our value and worth as a human being, to eventually come to say and believe that I am enough or that I am good enough.

6. The solution to drug and alcohol addiction will happen when the addict and alcoholic through his epistemic change comes to authentically accept, respect and most importantly love themselves. This is the true foundation of the psychic transformation that we seek and our connection with our Higher Power, Source, Spirit, God.