The Secret Root Cause of Addiction

Addicts and alcoholics use drugs and alcohol because of a negative self image and the resulting poor self esteem. Addicts and alcoholics do not like themselves, do not love themselves, do not believe that they are enough, do not believe that they are good enough, believe that they are inadequate, incompetent, a failure, a loser, not lovable and many other negative thoughts and beliefs about their value and worth as a human being.  Addicts and alcoholics created this self-limiting belief themselves.  The "disease," if you will, of addiction is merely a belief and a belief that can be changed or transformed.

Addicts and alcoholics are completely responsible for their drug and alcohol addiction because they are responsible for creating their negative thinking about themselves. Addicts and alcoholics do not use because of the drugs, the alcohol, drug dealers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, their environment, their past, their families, including their parents, childhood trauma, their genetics or any other excuse that can be created with the intent of denying the responsibility that rests solely with the individual addict and alcoholic.  Addicts and alcoholic use because of the negative self-image that they choose to create and let run their life.  However, there is hope.

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you are only one thought or belief away from transforming your life and ending your addiction and use of drugs and alcohol forever! Learning to love yourself and believe that you are good enough, that you and your life matter, will change the trajectory of your life and eventually end your drug and alcohol addiction and use. This work is about changing your thinking about yourself, about your value and worth as a human being and is something that you can do! Changing your thinking and learning to love yourself, to believe that you good enough just as you are, rather than not, is the real secret and solution to your transformation and recovery.

Dr. Harry Henshaw