It is all about choice!

The key to understanding your responsibility is to be found with your thinking and thoughts. You create your experiences and life from your thinking, thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and thinking are powerful, very powerful, they create all of your experiences.

Our experiences and life is about choice, always has been and always will be. We choose our thoughts, what we believe to be so and true and as a result, the experiences that they generate or create. We are not our thoughts or thinking. We create or choose all of our thoughts.

We create a thought or belief about who we think we are early in life and from our reactions of the adults around us. This belief is not the result of someones actions but rather the meaning that we give to the interaction, meaning that is always about ourselves. This is the birth of the self limiting belief, that "I am not good enough."

This negative self image begins to source or attract events into our life that match this fundamental thought that we have about who we are in life. This negative belief will not allow positive events to be apart of our life but will allow only negative ones to enter.

The event of using drugs and alcohol is readily sourced by the negative self image. There is a perfect match to believing that you are not good enough and the detrimental if not lethal use of drugs and alcohol. We created our addiction through the negative thoughts that we choose and created about who we think we are.

We do not have a disease but rather are addicted to a way of thinking, to a way of thinking that tells us that we are not good enough. The drugs and alcohol are not the problem. The problem and cause of using drugs and alcohol rests with the thought or idea that we have about our value and worth as a human being, a belief that we chose and created.

Dr. Harry Henshaw