Rejection of Self

Some have asked me why we work with both individuals that have drug and alcohol addiction issues and those that have mental health problems at the Holistic Outpatient Counseling Center. Many see the two disorders as separate, as unrelated and therefore requiring different forms of treatment.

It is my opinion that even though the disorders appears different, they are not. There is a common denominator so to speak that connects them. What really connects the two disorders is there rejection of the self. Both have at their core, major self image and self esteem problems.

When we do not think that we are good enough, when we learn or adopt this belief early in life, we tend to not accept ourselves, show little if any respect for ourselves and definitely will not love ourselves. In essence we reject ourselves, thinking that we have little if any value or worth as a human being.

The behavioral path of those with addictive issues and those with emotional problems is also the same. Both paths are self destructive. The intention or purpose of both paths is not to better ones life but rather to self sabotage, even to the point of committing suicide, consciously or unconsciously.

My strategy at the Holistic Outpatient Counseling Center is to help individuals with either a mental health or addiction problem to learn how to start accepting, respecting and even, to love themselves. While this learning process takes time it is possible.

Dr. Harry Henshaw