What causes drug addiction?

Unfortunately our society and treatment industry does not know the answer to a very important question, that is, what is the cause of drug and alcohol addiction. If they did know what causes drug and alcohol addiction our society and treatment industry would be able to effectively treat and assist those who are suffering from drug and alcohol use to transform their lives.

However, as it stands today, the relapse rate for treatment center industry is about 90% and more and more are dying in our communities daily from drug overdoes. There is no effective treatment because we have no adequate understanding of the disorder. While we continue to fail at helping individuals who use drugs and alcohol to be clean and sober we also continue to pretend that we do know the cause of addiction.

I believe there is and has been an answer to the question. I believe that the answer is not new but one that has been with us for many years. The answer to the question is to be found in the exploration of human consciousness. The answer to the question is about the individual’s thinking or thought process. The answer to the question is what really causing drug and alcohol addiction is to be found in the thoughts that the individual has about his value and worth as a human being and poor self esteem that gets generated as a result of a negative self image.

Dr. Harry Henshaw