Addiction is simply a choice that we make

Addiction is simply a choice that we make. We are also completely responsible for our choice to use drugs and alcohol. We do have the power to change our addiction forever but only when we regain our power to do so through the acknowledgement of our complete responsibility for creating this unhealthy way of being that we bring into our life, for creating our addiction to drugs and alcohol. When we blame other people, places or things for our addiction we are trying to avoid our responsibility and also deny that we in fact choose to use drugs and alcohol.

Addicts and alcoholics have a tendency to blame almost anything and everyone for their using of drugs and alcoholic, avoiding at all costs their responsibility. Addicts and alcoholics blame drug dealers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, their genetic structure and even families, especially parents, for their addiction and the consequences of their using. However, drug dealers are not the problem. Physicians and pharmaceutical companies are not the problem. Our environment and especially our family including our parents are not the problem either. Drugs are not the problem especially given that they are not even addictive.

The problem of drug and alcoholic addiction is to be found in only one place. All the addict and alcoholic have to do is look into the mirror to find the true and real source or cause of the problem. The image being reflected back at the addict and alcoholic is the real problem. The man or woman in the mirror is the problem, the very cause of the addict and alcoholic's addiction to drugs and alcohol. Until the addict or alcoholic can authentically admit to another human being, and especially to himself, that he is the real cause of his addiction and not any other person, place or thing, he will continue to use.

Dr. Harry Henshaw