Loving Yourself is the Miracle of Transformation

Changing people, places and things is not the solution to our problems. The problems that we say we have are not really the problem. There is only one real problem in our life, the source of all of our other so-called problems. This problem is that we do not think that we are good enough and as a result do not love ourselves. As a result of our negative thinking about ourselves there is a lack of self love.

As there is only one problem, there is only one solution. When I learn to think differently about myself, when I learn to think that I am perfect, whole and complete rather that not good enough, my life will transform. What I think, especially about myself, is that which directs and determines my life, what I will experience and how life will appear for me. When I come to believe that I authentically matter, I will come to love myself and I will experience the miracle of transformation.

Dr. Harry Henshaw