Online Outpatient Holistic Counseling Program

Enhanced Healing Wellness Center also offers an Online Outpatient Holistic Counseling Program consisting of individual and group counseling sessions for addicts and alcoholics suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction.  We also offer a Free Online Family Support Group on Wednesday evening.  All individual and group Online Outpatient Counseling Sessions are Video Chat.  All Online Outpatient Counseling Program sessions are conducted by Dr. Harry Henshaw.  Dr. Henshaw is a highly qualified, licensed psychotherapist and counselor in Florida with over 30 years experience in residential and outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. Dr. Henshaw has also been providing online outpatient counseling sessions to addicts and alcoholics for over 10 years.  All online outpatient counseling sessions are completely private and HIPPA compliant.  Online outpatient counseling services can be a great support for your recovery after discharge from a detox, a residential treatment or even from an outpatient counseling program.  Online outpatient counseling services may also help you to avoid being admitted to a detox or residential treatment program.  Give us a call today at 305-456-6361 for more information.

Dr. Harry Henshaw