Addicts and Alcoholics are responsible for their addiction.

When will we stop blaming people, places and things for the current drug and alcohol problems that we are having in this country? All of the blaming that we have done so far has not fixed the problem because blaming can not fix it. Blaming only stops us from focusing on the real cause of the problem. Blaming actually supports more of what we say we do not want to have happen, that is, more drug and alcohol addiction.

The cause of drug and alcohol addiction is not the drugs, the alcohol, the deal dealers, the physicians, the pharmaceutical companies, our genetics, the past or any other reason we can invent for the drug and alcohol problem we are currently experiencing in this country. The cause of drug and alcohol addiction is to be found in only one place, within the thinking, thought process and pattern of the addict or alcoholic.

How many more people have to die before we understand that a shift in our thinking about drug and alcohol addiction has to happen? If we do not put the responsibility for the drug and alcohol epidemic where it needs to be put, with the thinking and belief system of the addict and alcohol, it is certain that the current epidemic will not only continue but steadily increase or get worse as it has been doing the past few years.

Dr. Harry Henshaw