20 Ways to Daily Wellness

Making the decision to change your life for the better is no small feat. If you’ve gotten to this place, congratulations! But the hard work isn’t over. Even though your mind is ready your body is still operating on its habits. To break a negative habit you must be aware of those negative habits you currently have; these can be actions or even self-sabotaging thoughts. You then have to replace your negative thoughts or actions with positive ones. Incorporating practical positive things that you can do daily will help with your recovery (or personal transformation of any kind). 

Start to practice the 20 Ways to Daily Wellness listed below and watch as your life changes for the better; physically, mentally and emotionally.  You may even experience a transformation of mind, body and spirit.

20 Ways to Daily Wellness

  1. Watch your word and what you say, BE POSITIVE and CONSCIOUS of what you are putting out into the world.

  2. Practice YOGA.

  3. Exercise everyday – GET FIT.

  4. Get enough REST and SLEEP.

  5. Create a GRATITUDE LIST: recite it when you wake up.

  6. EAT throughout the day and make lunch your main meal.

  7. Listen to RELAXATION MUSIC.

  8. LIGHTEN UP – don’t take yourself too seriously.

  9. MEDITATE especially in the morning.

  10. Get ORGANIZED for a better work/life balance.

  11. TRANSFORM YOURSELF – reflect on inspirational and spiritual works.

  12. VISUALIZE what you want in your life now, how you want your future to be.

  13. For all that you think, feel, do and say, take RESPONSIBILITY.

  14. Practice PATIENCE.

  15. BREATHE deeply and evenly.


  17. Morning and evening, repeat POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

  18. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER and start the day with a glass.

  19. ACKNOWLEDGE your own and others’ ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

  20. Practice FORGIVENESS: respect yourself and others.

Start to practice the 20 Ways to Daily Wellness and you may experience a transformation of mind, body and spirit.