Fantasia Relaxation Music for Relaxation, Anxiety and Stress Relief Price: $9.95

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Imagine what would happen if you were free from anxiety and stress?  

Listening to the Relaxation Music of Fantasia will relax you immediately and free you from anxiety and stress.  Full money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The relaxation music of Fantasia for stress relief also utilizes theta binaural beats or binaural audio tones to further enhance your relaxation and stress relief.  Fantasia is excellent meditation music. 

The relaxing music of Fantasia is a 30 minute high quality download recording of holistic, relaxation music for immediate relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, stress management and improved health.  Fantasia is music for stress and meditation and Dr. Harry Henshaw is the composer of Fantasia.  Fantasia is excellent relaxation music for use with the vibroacoustic relaxation lounge.

All recordings have been enhanced and remastered.  One hour recordings are availalbe for $16.96 and by special order only.

How to Listen to the Relaxation Music of Fantasia:

1.  Find a quiet place to relax with no distractions.  If possible, use headphones.

2.  Click on the music sample and start to listen to the relaxation music of Fantasia.

3.  Inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly and completely and only through your nose as you listen to the music.

4.  Repeat the word "relax" everytime that you exhale.   

5.  As you listen to the music let your entire body relax.

6.  Now close your eyes and listen to the music and relax now.                


Commercial Licensing of the Relaxation Music of Fantasia

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