Smoking Positive Affirmations and Relaxation Music for Smoking Cessation Price: $9.95

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Listening to the positive affirmations of Smoking will help you to stop smoking.  Click on Add To Cart to Buy Now.

The positive affirmations on this recording combined with the relaxation music of Deep Relaxation, will support your efforts to give up smoking and create a healthy life style. Full money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.  

The positive affirmation recording of Smoking also utilizes theta binaural beats or binaural audio tones to further enhance the power of the positive affirmations for smoking cessation.  The Smoking recording is a 30 minute high quality MP3 download.

Positive Affirmations on this recording of Smoking:  I always take good care of my body., I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.  I breathe slowly and deeply., I enjoy the feeling of breathing clean, fresh air., I joyously release the past.  I live my life in the present moment.  I am at peace., I choose to be healthy and to treat my body with complete respect and love., I choose to breathe clean, fresh air into my lungs., I am relaxed, calm and peaceful., With each breathe that I take of clean, fresh air I become more and more relaxed. 

How to Listen to the Positive Affirmations of Smoking:

1.  Find a quiet place to relax with no distractions.  If possible, use headphones.

2.  Click on the positive affirmation sample and start to listen to the positive affirmation recording.

3.  Inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly and completely and only through your nose as you listen to the positive affirmations.

4.  Say or repeat each positive affirmation after you hear them.  Say each positive affirmation outloud or silently to yourself.  

5.  As you listen to the positive affirmation recording let your entire body relax.

6.  Now close your eyes, listen to the positive affirmation recording, repeat each affirmation and begin to relax and think and feel better about yourself.     

Individualized Positive Affirmation Program